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Medical specialist talking about vaccine for coronavirus pandemic during medical meeting with staff. Doctor discussing with colleagues about disease evolution because of dangerous virus, symptoms.

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The objective will be to bring companies closer to the opportunities that biocides can offer in their sector, to show the main trends, regulatory aspects and novel solutions emerged in the market. Moreover, the importance of the selection of the appropriate validation in the plastic sector will be addressed and examples of products which have incorporated antimicrobials to add value to their products will be shown.

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Opening and welcome remarks

Belén Monje

Biocidal solutions in the plastics sector: needs and strategies

Lodovico Agostinis

Biocides: Definition, types, classification and requirements for commercialization

Lidia Ferrer
Conselleria de Sanitat Universal i Salut Pública

Validation of virucidal materials

Rafael Sanjuan
Universidad de Valencia

Highly Heat Resistant and Easily Dispersible antimicrobial products for innovative polymer & coating formulations

Roberto Spogli
Prolabin & Tefarm


Environmental biological risks in hospital environment

Héctor Martinez

Antiviral and Antimicrobial Polypropylene Yarns and Reusable Textiles in Medicine

Balogova Alena
Chemosvit Fibrochem

Evaluation of antimicrobials in the pre-clinical model of Caenorhabditis elegans

Patricia Martorell
ADM Biopolis

Nosocomial Diseases. Bacterial clean Spaces & Storage

Antonio Hostalet

How can we achieve the antibacterial effect of polymer nanocomposites using light? 

Maria Kovacova
Polymer Institute of Bratislava




Antimicrobial food packaging produced by high-throughput electrohydrodynamic technologies

Cristina Prieto

Bacteriophages: a promising approach against pathogenic bacteria

Pilar Domingo-Calap
Universidad de Valencia

Trends in disinfection in the food industry, regulatory framework

María Sanz

Biobased antimicrobial

Matej Bračič
University of Maribor

Antimicrobial Masterbatch

Eugenio Gómez
Nob 166


Antimicrobials as both friends and foes in human health

María Cecilia Giron
University of Padova

Effective Biocidal photocatalytic materials based on Modified TiO2

George Kiriakidis
PCN Materials

Biofilms, VBNC’s, other Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Eladio Gómez

The role of bacterial and fungal biofilm in infection and disease and the capacities of your products against this issue

Marilyn Bruno

closing remarks

Seminar Committee

Belen Monje

Degree in Chemistry. She has 10 years’ experience in the field of polymer characterization and identification. She provides advice for the development of new products and solving problems arising from plastic materials used in different application sectors. She has participated in several R&D&I projects at regional, national and European level, and has been the project head for some of these projects at AIMPLAS. Her teaching experience includes more than 500 hours taught on topics such as the characterization of plastic materials, their performance against external agents, legislation applicable to plastics, REACH and recycling.

Lodovico Agostinis

PhD in Chemistry by the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, working in AIMPLAS as PhD researcher in chemical laboratory since April 2019. He has been working in polymer synthesis and functionalization to tailor enhanced biodegradability, antimicrobial and gas barrier properties. Moreover, he is member of the research group of flame retardants and his work also consists in polymer functionalization and synthesis of bio-based compounds for the enhancement behavior towards flame. In his PhD research he developed new amidation and cross-linker agents for atoxic and metal-free tanning of animal hides, which led to the draft of two patents.

Pilar Domingo-Calap

Graduated in Biology and Master in Biodiversity from the University of Valencia (UV), where she also obtained her doctoral degree. In 2013, she joined the Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM) at the Centre de Recherche d'Immunologie et Hématologie (University of Strasbourg). In 2016, she joined the I2SysBio where she is currently a member of the faculty, with her own research group. She is a member of the Spanish Network of Phages (FAGOMA), the American Society of Microbiology, the Spanish Society of Virology and the ESCMID. Finally, it is worth mentioning her teaching activities.

Maria Kovacova

Research Scientist at the Polymer Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Currently working on interdisciplinary research of novel antibacterial polymer nanocomposites and the preparation of new types of carbon quantum dots for biomedical applications. Also, working on the development of the novel material for 3D printing. Extensive experience with sample preparation, its characterization by physicochemical and biochemical methods, biocompatibility and microbiological activity tests, microscopic observations and scientific publications writing. Moreover, two years of experience in the field of intellectual property & technology transfer.

Marilyn Bruno

Marilyn is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aequor Inc in San Diego and Aequor Ltd in the UK. Marilyn develops Aequor's corporate, regulatory and business strategies, building on over 20 years of C-level experience in international business, finance and law, including as Woman Entrepreneur of the Year featured in Bloomberg's Business Week, and 16 years as diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service responsible for economic and environmental affairs. Marilyn holds degrees from Mount Holyoke College (BA), New York University (MA, Ph.D., and New York Law School (J.D.).

Rafael Sanjuan

Professor of Genetics at the University of Valencia. Coordinates the Pathogens Program of the Institute for Systems`s Integrative Biology (I2SyBsio) that studies the evolution of viruses and their practical applications, focusing on the mechanisms of viral diversification, virus-virus interactions, the emergence of new viruses, the search for antiviral compounds, or the use of viruses for therapeutic purposes. He is the author of more than 100 research articles. Awarded by the Foundation of Arts and Sciences of Valencia and the Spanish Society of Evolutionary Biology.

Eladio Gómez

Graduated in Biological Sciences, Master and Research Proficiency in Biochemistry and Physiology. Scientific Director at Vesismin Health and Professor at the Master of Surgical Nursing at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Dr. Matej Bračič

Dr. Matej Bračič is a researcher at the Laboratory for Characterisation and Processing of polymers at University of Maribor, Slovenia. He’s work is in the field of Polymer and Colloid Chemistry, with special emphasis on the protonation/deprotonation behaviour of (bio)polymeric (nano)materials and interaction studies between adsorbate and adsorbent. His primary research is focusing on studies of interactions of molecular and polymer dispersions in liquids with solid surfaces and biological evaluation of both surfaces. The described studies are primarelly carried out using QCM-D surface sensitive methods.

George Kiriakidis

George Kiriakidis (BSc, MSc, PhD, MBA), is a Physicist served as full Prof. at the Physics Department of the Univ. of Crete, Greece till 2017. He is the co-founder and CEO of PCN Materials, spin-off the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH) producing novel visible light activated photocatalysts with strong depollution and biocidal attributes. He founded and led the Transparent Conductive Materials (TCM) research group at FORTH. He was elected as president of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) and served as Adjunct Prof. at the Univ. of West Virginia (USA) and Univ. of Huddersfield (UK).

Lidia Ferrer

Doctor in Medicine, Specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health. She has more than 20 years of experience related to the control of health problems posed by chemical products, including biocides. She currently works at the General Directorate of Public Health and Addictions, as a Public Health Physician in the Health Promotion and Prevention Service in the Work Environment. This is the Competent Authority, in the Valencian Community, with functions of Surveillance, Inspection and Control, as well as sanction in case of non-compliance with the REACH, CLP and Biocide Regulations, among others.

Cristina Prieto

Dr. Cristina Prieto graduated in Chemical Engineering at the University of Santiago de Compostela, received a MSc in Industrial Processes Engineering, and a PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University Complutense of Madrid. Currently, she is a postdoctoral researcher at the Novel Materials and Nanotechnology Group (Spanish Council for Scientific Research). She has received the Extraordinary Doctoral Thesis Award, the Flucomp Best Thesis Award, the UCM University Entrepreneurship Award, between others. She has published more than 23 scientific papers, 2 licensed patents, 8 chapters and 35 abstracts in international conferences.

Alena Bologova

Alena is Managing Director of Chemosvit Fibrochem since 2017. Prior to that she was Sales Director of the company for multifilament polypropylene yarns and special biodegradable and biosourced yarns. Earlier in her carrier, she worked shortly for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Slovakia and as the Sales Director of Aeglemex, in Mexico City. She is Board Member of Terichem Tervakoski Group. Alena was born In Slovakia, went to German-Slovak bilingual high school, has higher university degree in international economic relations and a MBA degree from NTU in Taiwan.

Antonio Hostalet

Antonio is graduated in Business Administration and Management and has a Master in Marketing. He has extensive experience in marketing and international business management in the banking, IT, telecommunications, construction and ceramic sectors. Since 2017 he is Commercial Director of TAYG Clinic, of the Zriser group, an international company of storage solutions for medical material.

Roberto Spogli

Graduated in organic chemistry and PhD in Chemistry and Drug Technology. He is one of the founders and CEO at Prolabin & Tefarm, company is expert in the preparation of layered inorganic compounds for innovative applications. The company's know-how derives from 30 years of research. Author of several scientific publications and patents, he has been involved in several national and European projects, concerning the development of high-tech materials linked to the use of layered solids in the biomedical sector, in nanocomposite chemistry and in coating formulation field.

Patricia Martorell

Graduated in Biological Sciences from the University of Valencia and PhD in Microbiology from the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology. She is Associate Professor at the School of Medicine, University of Valencia. After a stay at Unilever (Bedford, UK), joined Biopolis as head of the Cell Biology Laboratory. Since 2017 she holds the position of Deputy R&D Director in ADM Biopolis, and currently has been promoted as R&D Bioactives Director. She has published 45 scientific articles and book chapters in the field of microbiology, food technology and nutrition; and she is co-inventor of 10 patents related to functional food.

Héctor Martínez

MD, MPH, PhD - Medical Specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health. Head of the Infection Control Unit - Preventive Medicine and Public Health Service at La Fe Polytechnic University Hospital.

María Sanz

PhD in Food Science, Technology and Management by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Master’s degree in Food Safety Management and Degree in Biology. In her PhD research she studied the antimicrobial effect of natural extracts against foodborne pathogens. Currently working in BETELGEUX-CHRISTEYNS as a Postdoc researcher in charge of national and international projects related to microbiology.


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